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Think about ways you can bring what you intend to pass, not in wishful thinking, but by measurable actions. Maybe you want to relax more -- not let every horn, every bus ride, every subway trip ruffle your feathers. If you make a big funny one you will remember it and most likely will be more aware next time. Most people have two lives: the life we live on a daily basis and the unlived life within us.

" When you don't pay attention, the universe has its ways of waking you up. What are you letting happen because "That's the way it's always been," or "I can't change them" or any of a myriad of excuses? Accept where you are as information, not as judgment.

Essentially, you’re looking for someone else to see the best in you and believe in you. If you’re in the habit of feeling bad about feeling down or insecure, or generally having emotional reactions to emotions, you will inevitably end up feeling stuck and helpless.

Give yourself what you’re seeking from them before making that call. Get in the habit of telling yourself, “I have a right to feel how I feel.” This will help you understand your feelings and work through them much more easily, because you won’t be so deeply embedded in negativity about yourself.

Say, "Let me get back to you on that." Admit that you need more time. Associate with friends who are positive and supportive, friends and family who nurture you. Practice awareness and patience, especially with yourself. Check things out with others, but be careful of agendas. Are you allowing something that happened years ago to dictate your actions today?

Don't fall victim to emotional demands, especially your own. Ask where those thoughts and emotions are coming from.

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