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The visa application form may be filled online and submitted to the diplomatic mission.Depending on the purpose of entry of the foreign citizen into the Russian Federation and the purpose of his stay in the Russian Federation ordinary visas are subdivided on private, business, tourist, educational, working, humanitarian and entry visas to the Russian Federation for temporary residence or citizenship ceremony: A visa of temporarily living person is issued for four months to the foreign citizen to whom entry into Russia is allowed for temporary residence, within a quota of delivery of permissions to temporary residence.Holders of passports issued by the following countries who possess an APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) containing the "RUS" code on the reverse that it is valid for travel to Russia can enter visa-free for business trips for up to 90 days within any 180-day period.

Under reciprocal agreements, holders of diplomatic or various categories of service passports (official, service, special, consular) issued by the following jurisdictions are allowed to enter and remain in Russia for up to 90 days (unless otherwise noted) without a visa: Holders of diplomatic or service category passports of Israel require a visa.

Citizens of China may visit Russia without a visa for up to 15 days if traveling as part of a tour group (from 5 to 50 persons) that is accompanied by a representative of a tour operator registered in both countries.

Citizens of third countries cannot move via Belarus–Russia land border due to a lack of international border crossing points. Since May 2009 international tourists entering by regular ferry via several ports have been able to stay in Russia visa-free for up to 72 hours, provided that they spend the night on-board or in accommodation specifically approved by the travel agency. Petersburg by regular ferry can be done only from the ports of Tallinn (Estonia) or Helsinki (Finland).

Such agreements are in force with the following countries or political associations: The Russian visa is a machine-readable document, which is placed in the holder’s passport.

All fields are indicated in both Russian and English, but are filled out only in Russian.

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The Russian Consulate requires the visa application form to be printed on A4 paper with right and bottom margins of 5mm.

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